Today I completed the first phase of my George Bent Project with the final entry of the letters written by Bent to George Hyde and George Bird Grinnell. Here is a breakdown:



1901 - 1905: 69


1906 - 1910: 84


1911 - 1915: 227


1916 - 1918: 67

TOTAL = 447


Each of the letters is searchable on this web site, and, each letter has also been "tagged." The tags represent the names of specific persons named by Bent in the letters. For example, the name "Black Kettle" appears often. I have tagged the name, and by looking over the list of tagged items shown on the left side of the web page, you will see Black Kettle. By clicking on that tag, you will be taken to a list of all articles on the web site where that name has been tagged.